Linux, UNIX and BSD

Debian, Raspbian, ArchLinux, CentOS and Ubuntu.

No X or Wayland, only tty{1,} or SSH.

Networking, cron, systemd, Unix sockets.

Scripting with: Bash, Sh, LUA, Sed, AWK, and PHP.

dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sda & rm -rf /You know what? I'm not gonna do that...

Server and other daemons

Apache2 HTTPd and NGINX with PHP-FPM.

OpenSSL and Let's Encrypt.

MySQL and MariaDB (mainly), PostgreSQL.

OpenSSH, Dropbear SSH with Private/Public key auth.

Git vcs.

on a private gitea instance running through NGINX reverse-proxy.

Postfix and Dovecot email server with Roundcube and Mutt for reading email.

Web development

Daily use of HTML5/CSS and JS.

CSS Framework: Bootstrap 4, Bulma, SpectreCSS.

Object Oriented PHP and learning Laravel and Symfony.

Content Management System (or CMS): OctoberCMS, Grav, WordPress, Joomla.

Windows Server

Active Directory Forest and Domain with SMB protocol and Remote Desktop on LAN or VPN.

Virtualization with Hyper-V.

Scripting with: Powershell and cmd.

Enterprise software and Document Management System.

Development Environment

Jetbrains personal licence: IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, Clion, DataGrip.

Vim + GCC + GDB + Make for C cli soft.

Visual Studio 2013 during classes for C/C++/C#..

Software development

C read K&R book and browse code frequently.

C++/C# read some books and created some GUI programs.

Java made a bluetooth app connecting to a server.


About me

Who am I?

Hello there!

I'm Etienne SCHMITT 27 years old computer enthusiast, always up to learn new things!

I started using computers since I was 4 and tinker with them at 10 which gave me a lot of insight in computer science in a lot of domains.

My Hobbies?

Ha-ha, where do I begin?

I enjoy reading books, especially computer/space science one with game lores, mangas.

I don't only reading game's lore I play too, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Sea of Thieves, Minecraft and so on.

I enjoy listening to various musical genres too, varying from classical to metal!.

I climb in a club.

And that's it :)